about us

Our Staff Eden 

FM Community Radios greatest strength is the quality and commitment of our volunteers to the community we serve. We encourage our volunteers to share their ideas and contribute their creative energies for the development of the organisation which in turn will benefit the whole community. We support our volunteers. We offer them opportunities for personal development, training and a satisfying and interesting volunteer environment life that allows and encourages them to contribute to the wellbeing of the community in which they live.

The Listener

We are here to meet the needs of our listeners. We develop and maintain close ties with all community groups and organizations throughout our catchment area. We also enjoy a close working relationship with local and national government bodies as well as non-government organizations (NGO) and local religious and spiritual groups. Our responsibility to our listeners is conveyed by the high standard of community based programmes that we air on the service.


We operate in an environment that requires never-ending improvement. Quality is best assured through continuous improvements in volunteer training and community awareness. We not only improve the quality of our programs but aslo we improve the training of volunteers new and old giving them the tools required to research, produce and broadcast programmes of high content and quality. INNOVATION We rapidly adapt relevant and emerging technologies. At present we have a semi digital studio that not only allows us to deliver a high quality signal on FM but also online and on all mobile digital platforms. As new technologies change the face of broadcasting our engineers are constantly looking at ways that new technologies can be put into operation while maintaining high quality and ensuring value for money. We work in a positive environment, where we encourage risk-taking and experimentation with new technology and volunteers are encouraged to generate new ideas with new products and services which are essential tools for our future goals.


We are not in business to make profit. Income is necessary to provide the service and to continue to provide it for future generations. Bills need paying and unexpected outgoings pop up when we least expect them. We rely very much on the business community of Edenderry for our income. We also welcome financial help from local groups and individual fundraising efforts. Our economic well being depends on such generosity and financial support. Profit is not something we ever envisage but a financially viable future is possible and one which we hope to achieve.

Building Fund

At present our studio is housed in a building located on O’Connell Square in the centre of the town and kindly donated to us rent free by a local business man. Our main goal now is to build internal walls that will allow for a general open plan office space. A toilet, transmission boot and a fully sound proofed broadcast studio. The cost of this build is estimated to be around €4000 to €6000. Once completed Edenderry will have a fully functional state of the art broadcast facility that will allow the community to fully prepare and broadcast programmes that are not only relevant to the community but researched and presented by local volunteers from the community itself. Radio for the community by the community.