Our Ethos

At Eden FM Community Radio our motto is “Radio by the community for the community”. We believe that community radio should be owned and run by the community it serves.

Eden FM Community Radio believes that community radio builds community and connects all members of our community. Over our four year history we have formed partnerships with local associations, health organisations, business groups, sporting groups, County councils, NGOs and schools amongst others.

We rapidly adapt relevant and emerging technologies. At present we have a semi digital studio that not only allows us to deliver a high quality signal on FM but also online and on all mobile digital platforms. As new technologies change the face of broadcasting our engineers are constantly looking at ways that new technologies can be put into operation while maintaining high quality and ensuring value for money. We work in a positive environment, where we encourage risk-taking and experimentation with new technology and volunteers are encouraged to generate new ideas with new products and services which are essential tools for our future goals.

Our management team is committed to ensuring that every member of the community and every organization in our community understand that they have a voice and that Eden FM Community Radio is that voice. Our focus is to build upon our experience and to improve on what we do in order to provide the community of Edenderry with a radio station that not only speaks to them but also speaks for them.

*All members of staff and management give their time and services free of charge.*