All volunteers are expected to take part in a two day training programme that will introduce the volunteer to all aspects of the radio studio and office. The training programme is designed to support individuals and teams to achieve sustainable results before commencing their work in the radio station.

Our training programmes will introduce our volunteers to the current thinking and best practices currently operating within the Community Radio Station. Volunteers will be introduced to tips and tools, and real examples of live broadcasting do’s and don’ts. Participants will engage in programme compilation and presentation giving them the tools to address live issues and reflect on their own performance. This ensures fast and grounded learning, embedding new skills and behaviours which they will be able to apply directly to their volunteer work at the community radio station.

Today more than ever you need to be able to respond to every challenge be it in real time or via the different social media platforms. As a radio presenter volunteers will need to be able to respond to questions and challenges live and in a fast, persuasively, and often – literally – on their feet kind of way.

Volunteers will also learn about the overall day to day running of the Community Radio Station. In an enjoyable, practical, and intensive way volunteers will learn how the management of the station is undertaken by the management committee. Volunteers will be reminded that the Community Radio Station is not just what happens on-air. Volunteers will be introduced to Human Resources, Advertising, Production, Fundraising, on-air presentation and Community Relations.

We hope that all volunteers will feel more confident as they embark on their Community Radio journey and that they take with them a better idea on how to organise their ideas, be more able to speak up strongly and clearly in meetings, make your point persuasively in discussions, and offer impactful ideas off the cuff in presentations.


*All volunteers give their time and services free of charge.*