The corner stone of Eden FM Community Radio is our ethos “Radio for the community by the community. The programmes broadcast on Eden FM will be at all times

  • of a high general standard in presentation and production
  • of high quality audio for clear transmission
  • are based on community events and happenings that are of interest to the community as a whole.
  • reflect the special interests and the needs that exists in the community area serviced by Eden FM
  • add to the diversity of programming already in existence in our Transmission Service Area. This diversity would be different to the output of stations that already cover the Edenderry area such as RTE, Today FM, Newstalk, iRadio, Spirit Radio and Midlands Radio.
  • Ensure that minority groups have the same access to the airwaves as bigger groups and organisations.

It has been said to the promoters of this project many times that “The other stations only talk about Edenderry in the negative”! Eden FM will be the voice of the community not only in the good times but the bad times also. No group or individual will be turned away from the station if it is possible to facilitate them. The right of reply is of great importance. No group, organisation or individual should be denied a right of reply where there are conflicting views on a particular issue.

The best example of this was the airtime given to both sides of the Water Charges issue or the wind farm issues. In both cases YAG/Eden FM gave both sides equal airtime which in turn allowed the listener to make an informed decision based on both sides of the argument they had listened to.

“Community Radio is owned and run by the community it serves”.