BTS Alliance

With the arrival of Covid-19 everyone has had to change their lifestyles in order to stay healthy and also not to spread the virus to others in the Community.

Here at Eden FM Community Radio we take the safety of our volunteers and guests very seriously. Because our studio building is so small and in daily use we turned to the experts for help. BTS Alliance came to our studio, did a full on-site assessment  and recommended their iTemp V3 and the iClean Nano


Since the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in 2019, body temperature detection has become a necessary means to help identify and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

​Handheld infrared thermometers require a person to operate at a short distance, bringing people in close contact, slowing throughflow, providing no contact tracing or history record, and requires staff specifically to measure the individual’s temperature.

iCheck offers a first line of defense for combatting COVID-19 within your radio station. With the advanced Ai screening at point of entry to your building, iCheck helps in detection of potential COVID-19 cases, preventing and mitigating where possible, the spread of infection. Providing staff, presenters, guests, and visitors with prompt peace of mind.


iClean Regular cleaning plays a vital role in limiting the transmission of COVID-19. Transmission of the novel coronavirus mainly occurs through respiratory droplets generated during breathing, talking, coughing, and sneezing. These droplets can directly infect the respiratory tracts of other people if there is close contact. They can also infect others indirectly.

Schools, Pre-schools and nurseries alongside healthcare settings, are highly susceptible areas of transmission and therefore should be cleaned more frequently.

As a minimum door handles, handrails, tabletops, play equipment, toys, and electronic devices (such as phones) should be wiped down twice a day; Ideally at the at the beginning and the end of the working day.

BTS Alliance has products to suit every business and organization big and small. Click on the their logo for more details.